We want to help you grow your business! We believe that the most effective marketing for small and mid-size organizations happens on digital platforms. That’s because digital platforms like Google and Facebook offer incredibly precise targeting (and re-targeting) capabilities so that you can reach the right audience, with the right message, at the right time, and then actively nurture your prospects through your marketing and sales funnels with integrated analytics and automation campaigns. Pretty great, right? Not only can we help you reach your sales goals, we can segment and measure just about EVERYTHING, down to the second decimal point of your campaign’s ROI. And since we can measure just about EVERYTHING, we can optimize your campaigns at an extremely detailed level, so that over time you’re consistently allocating your marketing budget more efficiently and building better connected relationships with your customers.

Why hire us? Our value proposition combines a focus on lean, affordable-cost development with an experienced team of problem-solvers and digital visionaries. Get in touch with us to schedule a free consultation and estimate. We look forward to working with you!

Audit & Strategy

Audit & Strategy

We conduct a thorough audit and research effort before each marketing campaign. We’ll show you where you stand, and help develop a strategy to achieve your campaign goals.

Campaign Launch

Campaign Launch

We’ll handle every element of your campaign launch – the design, coding, writing, publishing, and everything in between. We’ll get your brand in front of the right prospects, with the right message, at the right time!

Campaign Management

Campaign Management

Once your campaign is in motion, we’ll still do the heavy lifting! We’ll create and publish great content, manage your ad campaigns, and provide public relations to both your customers and media influencers.

ROI Tracking & Optimization

ROI Tracking & Optimization

We’ll track the results of your campaign and provide you with data-driven reports, which we’ll use to continually optimize your marketing operations and maximize your return on investment.


Brand Identity & Media

We can design an awesome logo for you, or shoot a killer company video for you, or write that memorable tagline that you’ve been searching for. We love helping brands stand out and make lasting impressions! Whether you are a new organization in need of an identity or an established brand searching for a fresh approach to your customer experience, we can help!

Brand Strategy

It’s important for the leaders of any organization to understand the unique value proposition and competitive advantage you bring to the market, who your best customers and prospects are, and how you can communicate your value to those top customers in ways that drive sales conversions and brand loyalty. We can help you develop a data-driven, creative strategy for your brand and marketing campaigns that will initiate positive experiences for new customers and reinforce satisfaction among your existing customers.

Logo & Graphic Design

At Crocodile Digital, we are obsessed with making our work look great. With any design, our goal is to deliver something beautiful, intuitive and uniquely valuable. We can handle any and all of your graphic design needs, including logos, print advertisements, business cards, product packaging, infographics, photo editing, corporate letterhead, presentation folders, direct mailers, media kits, typography & style guides.


We’ve been building websites for a long time, and as a result, we’ve had to write A LOT of copy. Creating quality copy for a website or blog or a large marketing campaign can be an overwhelming – if not practically impossible – task for busy managers and employees, but it is SO important! A great idea and a beautiful design only get you so far – it’s the compelling copy that really drives your message home to your customers once you’ve piqued their interest. We keep professional writers and creatives on staff for this very purpose – to bring your brand to life with copy that excites and persuades and WINS the business!


In today’s digital environment, quality photography is an essential element of any marketing campaign or branding collateral. We’ll shoot and edit those WOW-inspiring photos for your website, your advertising campaigns, your product catalog or your place of business.

Video Production

As video production is exploding across the web and social media, users are experiencing content and marketing campaigns through more personally engaging channels. Video content is by far the most likely to go viral and send thousands of new users to your website and social pages, and companies are turning to creative technologies like video motion graphics to tell their brand’s story with a certain joyful intrigue that leaves consumers thinking “Wow, this is really COOL!”. Our video production partners are experts at telling your brand’s story and engaging audiences with live shooting, film editing, and motion graphics production. Take a look at our video production reel!

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Having an awesome website design is an important part of your digital brand, but if no one can find it, you’re missing out on new customers! Our search engine marketing (SEO / SEM) experts can help your business get found online by local prospects. We’ll help you boost organic rankings and optimize pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns in order to maximize your brand reach and return on investment.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign Management

For new businesses needing to generate a customer base, or established businesses looking for a high-ROI, directly measurable advertising opportunity to reach online prospects, pay per click (PPC) advertising delivers. Since PPC ads are keyword and geography based, with entirely flexible spend budgets, businesses of all sizes can create highly targeted campaigns and track each conversion through Google Analytics. Businesses can create text ads, display ads and even retargeting ad campaigns, which specifically target prospects who have already visited a specific page or pages on your website. We can help you create, deploy, measure and optimize a high-ROI PPC campaign that reaches local, interested prospects on any device and on your spend budget.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

An effective search engine optimization (SEO) campaign requires a well-organized, consistent offensive on multiple fronts. Our SEO campaigns begin with keyword planning, including long-tail keywords for content heavy and ecommerce sites, in order to create a smart strategy with measurable results. Then, we’ll audit your website to discover your current rankings and your website’s SEO profile, which includes on-page optimization factors, backlinks, and competitive analysis. Next, we’ll optimize the pages of your website based on the keyword strategy and audit results, implementing page design changes as needed to boost your search engine visibility. Finally, we’ll create and implement a content marketing and link building campaign, including local citation building and outreach to high authority websites and blogs for link placement. In this final and ongoing stage, we focus on building relevant, high quality links and on producing keyword-relevant, share-worthy media content that drives traffic to your website and boosts your search engine rankings for your targeted keywords and geography. Our content marketing and link building SEO experts work hard to attain a diverse set of links from authority sites and get exposure from relevant social influencers. Put simply, we get links. At every step in the process we’ll present and walk you through our data-driven reports so you can understand exactly what we’re doing and how it is impacting your site rankings and traffic growth. We’d love to talk to you about your search engine vision – if you’re looking to get found online by local prospects, give us a shout!

Local SEO

For most small businesses, local SEO is everything. Being a contender for local prospects who are searching online, ready to buy, is a must for today’s small businesses, as local search has replaced the phone books of 2 decades ago. However, there’s a big difference between contending for prospects and winning them, and the businesses that consistently win the battle for local search traffic and get their brands in front of local prospects at the right time have real potential to dominate their market and achieve very high growth rates. Since local SEO markets are much smaller and less competitive than national markets, local SEO represents a huge opportunity for small businesses looking for an edge to bring in new business. We can help you win the local search battle and be a leading contender for new local prospects.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is the most powerful tool in marketing today. Most of the organizations we talk to know they need to be on social media, but many aren’t sure where to focus their efforts, or even where to begin! We can help your business build an influential social presence that will connect you with new customers and increase loyalty among your existing customers.

Social Media Strategy

Whether you have an established social media presence with dedicated social media account managers or haven’t yet ventured into the social fray, we can help you develop, implement, manage and optimize a social media strategy that will connect your organization with social influencers and supercharge your engagement among new and existing customers.

Social Media Management

Creating an effective and highly productive social media presence is a challenge for many small and mid-size businesses, the majority of whom lack the time and the resources to manage their social platforms themselves or hire an experienced full-time social media manager. Our creative marketing experts will launch and manage your social media campaigns in order to drive real results without breaking your budget.

Social Media Advertising

Advertising on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn provides organizations with the ability to promote brand ideas, events, and marketing campaigns to a highly-specific and relevant audience, while also making a lasting contribution to social fan growth. There are many industries and marketing campaigns that can achieve a much higher ROI by investing in PPC advertising on social media as opposed to search engines or other digital media, and in many cases a proportionate combination of the two yields the most effective results. We can plan, launch, and manage your social media advertising campaigns to ensure that you reach the most relevant audience at the lowest cost per conversion.

Blog Management

Like social media, a blog is an important digital publishing tool to drive traffic to your website, improve search engine rankings, and control messaging to your public audience in a way that brands your organization as an authoritative subject matter expert. We’ll create and publish engaging content for your blog that will build a valuable audience over time and provide high-value, sharable content for your social media presence.

Reputation Management

Do you know the reputation of your business on the internet? In many cases, potential customers will find or seek out online reviews before making a purchase decision. We can clean up a negative reputation and manage customer satisfaction in real time, so that the internet becomes a glowing reference that helps you WIN new customer opportunities – not lose them!

Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Businesses in consumer-facing (B2C) industries need to be aware of and proactively manage their online reputation. The reputation of a business on review-focused sites like Yelp and Google+ is usually among the first results from a branded search engine query. In other words, when new and potential customers search for your business online, one of the first things they see (and are often looking for), is how you have been rated by your existing customers. A marginal change in rating can have a major impact on the buying decisions of potential customers. We can help you create a positive, well-rounded reputation on the internet that attracts new customers and establishes your business as a leader among local competitors online.

Public Relations

In addition to managing your reputation on review websites, we can help your business develop a relationship with local / industry-relevant journalists and publishers so that your exiting events and accomplishments don’t go unnoticed by the community. Our public relations experts will create and distribute quality press releases to a network of news organizations and influencers, and we’ll work hard to promote your brand’s positive story and get your big events listed in relevant, authoritative media.

Mobile & Email Marketing

Email marketing and mobile marketing have become highly sophisticated, low cost tools for direct marketing and inbound lead nurturing. From newsletters and email blasts to targeted marketing automation and SMS text campaigns, we can help you engage prospects at the right time, with the right message, and with beautiful creative that will drive conversions!

Email Marketing

As mentioned above, email marketing is an extremely affordable, highly versatile marketing tool for organizations of all sizes. We can help your organization take advantage of mass email marketing opportunities, including newsletter design & distribution, subscriber list management, segmented messaging, and campaign strategy & analytics.

Inbound Marketing & Marketing Automation

Inbound marketing is focused on attracting and nurturing inbound traffic and then converting that traffic into prospects and customers by publishing highly personalized content that aligns with a customer’s specific interests and actions. Marketing automation is a subset of inbound marketing, and it represents the tactics and software that companies (like Amazon) use to create and distribute the personalized, just-in-time content that helps convert leads into prospects, prospects into customers, and customers into satisfied, loyal customers. We can help you develop an inbound marketing strategy, set up and integrate your marketing tools across existing systems and multiple channels, and then help you launch, manage, and optimize your campaign with data-driven, ROI-focused strategies. For companies with growing ecommerce websites or large email lists, marketing automation has the potential to generate significant new revenue and a very high return on investment.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing & advertising are exploding as channels to deliver just-in-time marketing messaging, loyalty coupons, and temporary specials to potential and existing local customers. Companies who develop customer-facing mobile apps can provide customized loyalty programs and deliver push notifications directly through the app to users’ mobile devices, and any company can capitalize on geo-targeted local advertising, responsive email marketing, and SMS text campaigns. We can help your business reach customers through their preferred media and deliver hyper-relevant advertising content by helping to plan, launch, and manage your next mobile marketing campaign.


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  • We have a BIG vision, like you!
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“Our experience was exceptional from beginning to end. It’s nice to know when someone you’re working with cares about you and your project. It’s also nice to know the same caring people have the ability to provide a superior product. I confidently give my highest recommendation for Crocodile Digital to anyone looking for a website or software development company.”