We build custom software and applications for your organizational stakeholders – customers, managers, marketers, engineers, and everyone in between. What kinds of apps can we build for your business? We specialize in the development of web applications in Microsoft’s .NET, and our team includes PHP programmers and WordPress web designers. Together, we can handle just about any web need from integrated business management tools to ecommerce solutions. If your need is mobile, we’ve got you covered! Our mobile team has deep experience building iOS and Android apps in their native code bases and hybrid code bases like Xamarin. Check out our work to see what we’ve built for other businesses like yours.

Why hire us? Our value proposition combines a focus on lean, affordable-cost development with an experienced team of problem-solvers and IT visionaries. Get in touch with us to schedule a free consultation and estimate. We look forward to working with you!

Requirements Analysis

Requirements Analysis

We begin all development projects with a thorough requirements analysis. We’ll work with you to think through the specifics of your big idea, and conclude with a detailed plan of what will be delivered.

User Interface Design

User Interface Design

We’ll create a first class design for your website or app that will WOW your users. For every design, we focus on creating something beautiful, intuitive, and uniquely valuable.

Development & Testing

Development & Testing

We’ll bring your design to life with our expert team of developers, and we’ll conduct quality assurance testing to ensure that each requirement has been delivered with excellence.

Monitoring & Support

Monitoring & Support

After deployment, we’ll monitor your application and provide on-demand support to ensure that your organization and your users are receiving optimal value.


Web Design & Website Development

A great website is the centerpiece of an organization’s digital brand. We are experts at developing highly functional websites that are user-engaging and responsive on mobile devices. Whether you need a dynamic website that streamlines business processes or simply a beautiful face for your brand with persuasive messaging, we can design a web presence for your business that will stand out from the competition.

Web Design

We design awesome websites for our customers that stand out from the competition and engage users on the device of their choice – desktop, tablet, or smartphone. Our expertise is in developing custom websites for high-traffic environments, with compelling content & media production, and then helping to drive customer traffic to the newly designed site with a powerful search engine optimization (SEO) campaign and ROI-focused digital marketing strategies.

Ecommerce Website Design

Want to sell online? We can help you develop a professional online storefront that generates sales conversions for your business. We specialize in custom ecommerce web design and integrated data solutions, and we are well-equipped to handle traditional online product listings, too!

Web Application Development

We can develop a custom software / web app solution for your organization that automates and streamlines your business processes. A web application is easily accessible online and can be integrated with your website or other software apps such as QuickBooks and Salesforce.

Mobile App Development

Mobile applications are HOT right now, and based on the current mobile usage statistics, they will continue to be a dominant force in technology for some time to come. We love helping organizations go mobile, and we’ve built mobile apps on all the major platforms – iOS, Android, and Windows – for both tablet and smartphone devices. If you’re considering a mobile app, we can help make it happen for an affordable price that’s within your budget.

iPhone Application Development

Ever since Apple’s first iPhone hit the market, the use and development of iPhone apps has become the centerpiece of the mobile technology revolution. Today, iPhone apps are commonly utilized for advanced mobile marketing & advertising, consumer entertainment & gaming, and business operations, including field service management and barcode scanning. Our iOS design and development experts can help your organization develop and launch an iPhone app that drives business performance and customer engagement.

iPad Application Development

Like the iPhone, iPad apps provide organizations with the opportunity to reach the growing mobile audience and are commonly developed for marketing & advertising, entertainment & gaming, and internal business operations, including sales proposals and field service management. We can help you develop and launch the iPad app that you’ve envisioned for your customers and employees.

Android Application Development

Google’s Android platform and Google Play marketplace are leading the mobile market share competition as the most popular consumer mobile app platform and marketplace available today. Some of the most common mobile applications developed for Android include location-based GPS tools, barcode scanners, and customer marketing & advertising apps. If you’re looking to develop an Android app for your organization, we can help!

Windows Mobile Application Development

Windows enterprise applications are becoming more popular than ever before, now that Microsoft’s Windows 8 platform enables a single application to run everywhere – on PCs, phones, and tablets! Our team of Microsoft-platform experienced experts will bring your business application or mobile app vision to life with detail-focused quality and user-focused creativity.

Custom Software Integration

Some of the most un-productive technology environments involve systems that are unable to communicate with each other and share data. If you happen to find yourself in such a situation, or you’d like to build a custom system to better support your business processes, we can develop a solution that works for both your business and your budget!

QuickBooks Integration

By far, our most requested and developed third-party software integrations are QuickBooks integrations. We can streamline your accounting and business financial management with an integrated QuickBooks solution.

Point of Sale (POS) Integration

We can help you integrate your point of sale (POS) system with the rest of your business and reporting tools, including your ecommerce website & online storefront, accounting & financial systems, inventory management & production systems, and even your social media accounts, where we can enable your customers to place orders directly from your Facebook page!

Salesforce CRM Integration

We can help you integrate your Salesforce CRM with new or existing software, so that your data flows seamlessly throughout your business technology. If you’re using Salesforce and you want to customize it to better support your sales team and business, we can help!

Marketo Integration

We can help you customize and integrate your Marketo email marketing system with your existing technology so that you can share data between both systems and engage prospects in a truly customized campaign flow.

Infusionsoft Integration

We can help you integrate your Infusionsoft marketing automation system with existing business processes and technology in order to create a complete, custom sales and marketing solution for your organization.

HubSpot integration

We can help you customize your HubSpot inbound marketing system with a fully integrated solution that freely enables essential data to flow between various software and technology systems. We want to be your go-to technology partner!

Enterprise Software Development

When we say we’ve worked with businesses of all sizes, we really mean it! From self-funded startups to Fortune 500 companies, we are fortunate to have contributed to a variety of business environments. For enterprise customers, we specialize in high-traffic web applications, intranet/extranet portals, technology staff augmentation, and Microsoft-stack custom software solutions.

Intranet / Extranet Portals

Intranet and extranet applications help you efficiently share information and enable self-service account management for your customers, partners and employees. We can help you build the extranet and intranet portals that will streamline your business operations and impress your stakeholders.

Database Development

We are experienced developers on the MySQL and SQL Server database platforms. Nearly all of the custom apps and related software solutions that we develop involve database creation, integration, and management. We can help you develop an effective central database to support your organization’s technology applications.

Application Performance Testing

We can help you test how your software and technology systems will perform under a particular workload, and we can also help you improve the scalability, responsiveness, and stability of those systems so that your technology performs effectively in high-traffic and large-scale user environments.

Application Operations Monitoring

We can help you operate your high-traffic website and web applications at peak performance by monitoring your application and developing monitoring services that notify key stakeholders when relevant performance events occur. We provide fully managed monitoring & support services as well as consulting and development solutions to empower your IT team to effectively manage your organization’s technology assets.

Application Architecture Review

If you need an expert to take a look “under the hood” of your technology and web applications to identify & resolve performance and functionality issues, or you’re considering a new development project but need help with the architecture planning, we can help! Our team of Microsoft-stack technology experts will go above and beyond to help you solve your problem and build a long-term, value-adding partnership with your organization.

Application Security & Session Management

We are security and session management experts who can help you effectively administrate large user bases and custom user security roles on your website or internal web application. Ask us how we can help you build and optimize the technology you’ve envisioned for your business!


  • We are fully committed to integrity and doing what we say we’re going to do.
  • We’re lean. We specialize in bringing BIG visions to life on down to earth budgets.
  • We are ROI focused. We deliver high-value solutions with data-driven value measurement.
  • We have a BIG vision, like you!
  • Still not convinced? Check out our work!


“Our experience was exceptional from beginning to end. It’s nice to know when someone you’re working with cares about you and your project. It’s also nice to know the same caring people have the ability to provide a superior product. I confidently give my highest recommendation for Crocodile Digital to anyone looking for a website or software development company.”