Project Description


Alsay is an established provider of water and wastewater services in Houston. Alsay’s service include well drilling & repair, wastewater services, pump installation & repair, and rental equipment. As part of regular operations, Alsay engineers perform regular checks and maintenance on field equipment, and they require access to the latest information / spec sheets on each piece of equipment prior to performing maintenance activities. The status quo process for providing field engineers with this information required secretaries and employees in the main office to print out and fax the relevant information sheet to the engineers, which was very time consuming, labor-intensive, and resulted in unnecessary operations delays.


In order to streamline Alsay’s field operations and free-up office employees to perform more valuable tasks, we developed two native mobile applications (for iPhone and Android phones) to serve as a resource to field engineers and enable self-service access to equipment information. Each application includes a custom barcode scanner which is integrated with the Alsay equipment database. The scanner and can be used to scan barcodes on field equipment and display to engineers the latest spec sheet for the scanned equipment, directly and instantaneously from the field. As a result, Alsay engineers no longer waste time procuring equipment information and are able to perform their duties with greater efficiency and lower costs.