Project Description


H&O Investments is an established landscaping and lawn maintenance services company serving businesses and local parishes throughout Louisiana. They were using an off-the-shelf property management software system, costing them thousands of dollars per month in licensing fees. The property management system was only able to manage a portion of their operations, and it was not built for H&O’s specific business processes and personnel. H&O management wanted a proprietary custom software solution developed to eliminate the licensing fees and optimize employee productivity.


We developed a complete set of custom software applications that fully manage H&O service fulfillment operations. Our developments included three ASP.NET MVC 5 web applications, a native iOS mobile application for field crew productivity, and a Windows service for work order management. All four applications share web services built with ASP.NET Web API and a SQL Server database. The developed web and mobile applications include:

  1. An operations console application, which is the largest application and manages all clients, work orders, properties, crews, and invoicing.
  2. A security studio application, which is a complete user permissions and roles administration solution.
  3. A customer portal application for client login and relevant information access.
  4. An iPhone application that provides the tools for field crews to better manage production activities and also attach before and after pictures to completed work orders.

H&O’s complete fulfillment operations solution not only increases employee productivity, it also lays an essential foundation for H&O’s strategic growth and expansion goals.