Unlike many parts of the United States, Baton Rouge Louisiana is proudly home to a growing economy that is driving more people to fill the area and call the “capital city” home. According to a study released by the Baton Rouge Area Chamber (BRAC) in September of this year, 1,400 new jobs are expected to be created in 2015.

So how are local businesses in the Baton Rouge using digital technology to capitalize on this increased growth in population? We are going to move to Baton Rouge, virtually. As we take this journey, we will step into the shoes of a newcomer and take a look at some of the businesses they might find as they settle into the city.

Baton Rouge companies

The Snelling employment website makes it easy for newcomers to Baton Rouge to search job employment opportunities.

Matching Top Talent to Top Companies

Since we are moving to Baton Rouge for a new career, logically the first step would be to search jobs to find the opportunity we need, right? We started at Google to find a staffing company in Baton Rouge that could help us locate positions in the capital.

We came across the Snelling website that helps employers search for the best talent in the Baton Rouge. Newcomers to the city looking for employment opportunities can use this website to connect with potential employers. User-friendly tools are incorporated throughout this site which includes the use of Facebook login, the ability to quickly and easily upload a résumé, a shopping cart to save job listings, and functionality to allow job seekers to contact employers via email.

Bringing New Home Buyers to Your Website

When moving to the capital of Louisiana, we will have to search for real estate in order to find a place to live. Luckily, we came across Trey Willard, a real estate agent local to the Baton Rouge area.

Baton Rouge Businesses

The Trey Willard real estate agent website does an excellent job using powerful colors and high-resolution images on site.

His website was returned as one of the first search results on Google -undoubtedly, his efforts in search engine optimization (SEO) are paying off. The use of color combined with sharp high-quality images makes his website appealing to the eye and easy to navigate.

Everything from featured properties, to an active blog, and home listings for sale, and information on how to get in touch to sell a home was featured on his website.

Online marketing efforts are paying off for this Baton Rouge real estate agent as he sets himself up to capitalize on the growing Baton Rouge population.

Attract Car Shoppers with a Solid Online Reputation

We are going to need a new ride when we get to the city in order to get us back and forth to our new job. How can we find a dealer we can trust? We decided to search for a car dealership in Baton Rouge that knows how to rock their online reputation, and we found Ascension Auto Sales.

Baton Rouge Businesses

Ascension Auto Sales uses a White Label Reputation service that helps encourage customers to leave online reviews.

Ascension is reaching out to customers to get online feedback that is so important for local businesses to thrive and drive sales.

Looking at their website, you will notice a tab in the menu bar where you can click to review the dealership. Once you click on the link, you are taken to a landing page powered by the online review and reputation management software, Grade.us.

From this page, you can click on links to the major online review websites where you can leave a review about your experience with this car dealership.

We want to commend Ascension and congratulate them on a job well done managing online reviews. The use of integrated reputation and review management software is a worthwhile investment that has the potential for invaluable benefits. Online reputation management is increasingly becoming one of the most important pieces of the online marketing success story and these guys are setting themselves up to becoming a go-to resource for any newcomer to Baton Rouge that is looking for a used car.

Drawing Newcomers to Your Restaurant

We are getting all settled in our new city. We have already found a new job, our new house, and now we have our ride to get us around town. All this work is getting me hungry, how about you? Let’s hit the web again to see if there are any restaurants in town that know how to get our business with their digital marketing techniques.

Baton Rouge Businesses

Reserve a table online using the easy reservation system on the Bistro Byronz website.

It didn’t take long before we found one of the Louisiana restaurant locations of Bistro Byronz.

This company uses an impressive mix of the most current online tools and techniques proven to bring the growing Baton Rouge population to a table at this popular restaurant. They effectively use video marketing and story-telling techniques to let everyone know who they are, what they are about, and how they came to be. The website also features an online reservation system to book tables in advance, and a blog where they post press releases and feature some of their tastiest menu items.

Way to go to the entire team at Bistro Byronz. You’ve caught our attention and I am sure the newcomers to Baton Rouge will be paying visits to your restaurant locations as well.

Attracting New Guests to Your B&B

Devouring the entire plate of signature blue cheese chips at Byronz has gotten us tired and ready to sleep like a baby.

Baton Rouge Businesses

Visit the Stockade Bed and Breakfast blog where you will find everything from upcoming events to tasty recipes.

While our real estate agent, Trey Willard works towards closing the deal on our new house, we need to find a comfortable hotel or B&B to stay at in the meantime.

Opting for the finest comfort available in Baton Rouge, just one look at the Stockade Bed and Breakfast website sold us on our choice for lodging. Their website is remarkable on many fronts.

“To keep up with recent mobile search trends, we have installed a new state of the art reservation software which makes booking a reservation from a mobile device much easier and more secure for today’s travelers. We are very pleased with the results,“ said the owner of Stockade Bed & Breakfast, Janice DeLerno.

Some of the most notable features we saw included the impressive display of images that allow people to visualize all the rooms and amenities offered, their online booking system, and their events packages with specific details about their services. Not to mention this company is very active and successful on their social media platforms and their blog – a great tactic for driving more traffic to your website.

Are you a local company looking to win more customers online? We are a Baton Rouge digital marketing agency that specializes in helping businesses of all sizes achieve big visions on down to earth budgets. Reach out to us today to learn more about the services we provide that can help you reach your business goals.