Any honest online marketer will tell you that email marketing is still the cornerstone of an effective campaign and for many reasons. Most notably? Amazing return on investment (ROI).

That’s right, the ROI potential for email marketing is tremendous considering the fact that is costs basically nothing to send the emails. The main expense associated with an email marketing campaign is the time spent creating and managing the campaigns.

Top Goals of an Email Marketing Campaign

  1. Nurture leads – One of the main goals of an email marketing campaign is to gain leads at one point in the marketing funnel and provide the right information in a relevant and timely manner to create an opportunity for the sales team. If a lead never moves to the next stage or converts, it’s arguably of no value to your business. This is why lead nurturing campaigns can be invaluable to your marketing funnel.
    • Autoresponder campaigns – Automated campaigns or autoresponders are types of lead nurturing emails set to automatically send out specific content to users based on actions taken on the site, i.e. welcome email sent to new customer sign up; discount offers sent to users that abandon shopping carts; coupons sent to users on their birthday, etc. Oftentimes lead nurturing campaigns will include a series of emails all with a coherent purpose. The purpose of these campaigns vary but are typically used to advance new leads to the point where they are ready to be contacted by the sales team or convert online.
    • Email Marketing Campaign Autoresponder

      This is a screenshot of a lead nurturing email that is sent out automatically after someone fills out a form on our website or one of the forms on our landing pages.  We can also send this out manually after making an offline connection.

  2. Promote new products and special deals – Email marketing is the perfect way to promote something new and cool you have to offer customers. The goal of this form of marketing is to generate direct sales by converting new leads or to find opportunities among existing customers. It’s effective because it’s a low-cost way to boost sales.
    • Promotional email campaigns – These email campaigns typically consist of a stand alone email, but can also be part of a series of emails (drip email marketing). These types of campaigns are generally easy to create and provide a clear call-to-action with a high potential to convert by stressing your current sale or promotion.