Google app indexing

This image shows how a mobile app appears in search results. Courtesy of HiMumSaidDad.

Google is now indexing content from mobile apps. This means that the “spiders” and “crawlers” Google sends out to index all internet content, will now be crawling applications. Pages from mobile apps will now come up in mobile search results and can compete against websites. In a digital world completely dominated by mobile use, users are seeking interactive experiences and giving searchability to mobile apps helps achieve this goal.

How Google App Indexing Works

Currently, the only way to have your app appear in the Search engine results pages (Serps) is by having content on your website that corresponds with content found within your mobile app. Your web developer then follows Google’s instructions on making the correct annotations to connect this information and enable the feature. At the rate of development, in the near future we expect this feature will be available to applications without websites as well.

How SEO and Brand Exposure are Affected


Google app indexing

By default, the install button will appear on your app search result increasing downloads and promoting engagement.

There is no guarantee your website will get a better search engine ranking as a result – however, it will increase exposure of the app. If you have an app that is downloaded by your customers, you should consider linking it to your website to boost your exposure and set yourself apart from the competition. It’s going to look good, and people will see you as being an innovative company.

App Developer Considerations

In order to have your app indexed by Google, there are a few steps that need to be taken. At this point, this is not automatically done for any applications, even the major players on the scene. Your web developer should visit this page and this one as well for in-depth instructions on the process. Key points to consider include:

  1. In order to enable this function, you need to add intent filters for the activities within your app and provide these to Google.
  2. This process forces companies to consider optimizing content even within these deep pages of an application on Google Play or iOS.

If you have an app that your customers download and you want to promote that by linking it to your website and getting it listed in search engine results, let us know because we would love to help you improve your digital brand and grow your business.