Preferred Agency Network

We have enjoyed working with Preferred Agency Network in the development of their web application.

We recently had the pleasure of working with Preferred Agency Network (Preferred) an Integra Insurance affiliate in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Preferred Agency offers insurance agency services that include health insurance enrollment for plans linked to the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Having been the agency in Louisiana to enroll the most people in ACA policies in 2015, Preferred needed a more efficient way to manage and enroll applicants. Previously, customers had to fill out offline forms and call the agency to get insurance quotes. This offline data collection process was time consuming and labor intensive, resulting in excessive costs to the agency. With Preferred’s plan to incorporate five additional states into their ACA enrollment processes for 2016, this new web application came about at the right time.

We created a web app that enables applicants to apply for policies online and enable agents to easily manage this information and complete the enrollment process.

Preferred Agency Network has been an excellent client to work with and we are privileged to have assisted them in developing the technology needed for another successful ACA open enrollment period. We plan to continue working together and building upon this initial success by integrating their application with the federal marketplace for the 2017 open enrollment period in order to completely automate the open enrollment process.

Here is what Derek Babcock, EVP Preferred Agency Network, had to say about his experience working with us:

“Our experience was exceptional from beginning to end. It’s nice to know when someone you’re working with cares about you and your project. It’s also nice to know the same caring people have the ability to provide a superior product. I confidently give my highest recommendation for Crocodile Digital to anyone looking for a website or software development company.”

To learn more about the Preferred Agency web application, check out the full solution on our portfolio page.