H&O Investments digital operations solutions

It is a pleasure working with H&O Investments on the development of digital solutions tailored to their business needs.


At Crocodile Digital, we love nothing more than helping small businesses make their BIG dreams a reality by maximizing their available marketing budget to produce the greatest results. We recently had the pleasure of working with an established lawn maintenance and landscaping business based in Louisiana – H&O Investments, in the creation of a complete digital operations solution.

Established as experts in the industry, H&O is a commercial business that specializes in cutting grass, landscape maintenance, and clearing debris. H&O Investments routinely works with a large base of clients on multiple properties. When we first consulted with the company, they were using an out-the-box property management solution that racked thousands of dollars every month in expenses and licensing fees and was not able to handle all the properties they managed. H&O was in need of a custom digital operations solution that was designed to handle all their properties to eliminate these costly fees and improve workflow with more efficient processes.

What We Did:

We built a customized web application that serves as a complete operations management solution. The application covers each step in H&O’s operational workflow from property management to workflow management to client invoicing.

We also built an iPhone application that is integrated with the web application. The iPhone app is used by field employees (landscaping team members). Designed to improve their efficiency on the field and document job completions, employees use the app to view assigned jobs, upload images of completed jobs to the web application, and mark work orders as completed.

We enjoyed working with this company and we look forward to working with H&O as a long term partner and we are grateful for this opportunity to help them grow their business. We expect to see big growth from H&O in the coming year. To view the full solution, visit our the H&O portfolio showcase.