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Every website needs a video. At least one! Why?

Because nobody is reading the copy on your website…

if it’s longer than a sentence or two (truth hurts) – but…

they WILL watch a video.

It’s one of the best ways to get your messages across. Rethink investing in lots of images and lengthy text for video(s) swap.

Video is the marketing medium of the future. Companies that are trying stay one step ahead in their digital marketing strategy, are coming up with clever ways to incorporate video on their website, social media pages, and paid ads. If you’re not doing this, you need to be.

Versatile in nature, brand videos can be made from some company images and stitched together in a slideshow video, can feature customer testimonials, or even incorporate modern motion graphics. You can deliver a unique concept video to introduce your services to someone that might not know about what you offer, or you can just talk about your brand in video. Whatever works for your business. Here are seven companies that have awesome videos that work.

1. Force Marketing

Force Marketing has done a benchmark job of incorporating their brand message into their video marketing campaign. The entire concept Force Marketing is based on is using technology to its full potential with measurable results that work.

Videos on their website and Youtube channel stay true to their brand by featuring heavy use of motions graphics. Motion graphics involve the use of digital technology to create movement or rotation within digital footage and/or animation, often accompanied by voice over.

“We’ve been consistent in our video marketing strategy for several years now, and it’s had a tremendous impact on our brand as a whole,” said Heather Fitzpatrick, CMO of Force Marketing. “It’s allowed us to showcase our cutting-edge strategies to our clients, and to position ourselves as thought leaders within the automotive industry.”

2. Smash Lab

Motion graphics videos are probably the coolest, but also most expensive, videos to produce. smashLAB is a design agency that does many things and uses video on their website. This brand overview video on their “about” page does an excellent job of showing off their skills while also summarizing the company’s offering.

One thing that stood out about the presentation of this video was the text used to convince you to watch the video. It reads: “Curious about our agency, but in a hurry? All it takes is 1 minute and 10 seconds to get the low-down.”

This is a great way to spark curiosity and let someone’s guard down, assuring them it will only take a minute of their time. smashLAB’s Eric Karjaluoto notes, “A simple video like this can work well—but remember to keep it brief, so viewers remain interested.

3. Pizza L’Vino

Showcasing your product in a video is an effective way to show people exactly what they get from your company. In this video, Pizza L’Vino shows a hot pizza straight out of the oven getting sliced up. It’s an effective product video because you can literally see the steam rolling off the pizza and it looks so good you can almost taste it.

4. Antoine Dental 

The Antoine Dental video does a wonderful job bringing in a human touch of emotion related to their business with a testimonial video that shows real patients sharing their experiences with the practice. This concept is very in-touch with the overall brand message of the company that features areas of practice to click on that include “I’m having a hard time chewing” or “I’m embarrassed to smile.”

5. Photo Moto 

This traveling photo wagon in Houston offers a unique service to the local community. To capture the look and feel of their business, they created this unique concept video on their homepage that gives users a behind the scenes look at their photo booth on wheels and the types of images they capture. you know what you are getting at a dentist, etc. but how do you know what you are getting.

Brea Walton from Photo Moto had this to say about the video:

“It’s tough to picture what a VW bus turned into a mobile photo booth looks like, until you see it for yourself. This video explains exactly what Photo Moto is, and how much fun it can be. We do lots of weddings and private events, so pop shop events like this allow people to experience it for themselves. “

6. BugCo

Staying relevant on current trends and topics is an effective marketing strategy. Bug Company Pest Controls prides themselves on offering professional services that improve sanitation conditions of a home by keeping it free of unwanted pests. To demonstrate their commitment to the community and staying up-to-date on best practices, they have a video on their website now where they share information about the Zika Virus and how they can treat homes to prevent mosquitos to reduce the risk.

7. Viper Exchange

Viper Exchange car dealership does an excellent job pairing their car sales with racing sports. This video on their website is a combination of a company overview, concept video with employee testimonials and explanations bringing a human element to the screen. Very fitting to the brand message of a dealership that sells a high-powered racer to have videos on their website and Youtube channel that take you behind the scenes of racing a Viper.


You need video. If you don’t have it, you are missing out. People watch videos. They don’t read. There are many different types of videos so you can tailor them to what your company can afford ranging from a slideshow video to a custom motion graphics video.

Once you have your video – make the most of it. Use it on your website, ad campaigns, social media, or use it to explain your company to somebody new. Break it up into shorter segments to get more mileage out of a video. You can even take a couple minutes of footage – break this up into a few one-minute videos – then break those down into short 15 second clips to share on social media.

Need help? We would be happy to hear from you and talk about your video marketing needs, and make it happen. Reach out to us today.