It’s a new year, a new day, and it’s time to get pumped up about what’s new in mobile for 2015! Why get pumped about mobile marketing? Well, mobile technology is a marketer’s dream and a marketplace game changer. It’s hard not to get excited about something like that! When you see the infographic and other mobile stats we lay out below, you may just want to do a fist pump. Don’t worry; we won’t just leave you with stats and run! We’ll finish off with some real takeaways and recommendations that will help your bottom line. Let’s start with an amazing infographic, shall we? 

This infographic from Text Marketer, a UK leader in SMS and mobile marketing, which cites info from SAP, an Ipsos Observer survey, State of Mobile, Internet Retailer, and Shopify, offers some pretty incredible insights for businesses in 2015.

Getting Pumped Up About Mobile in 2015

Mobile Marketing is HUGE!

I think it goes without saying that mobile is a really BIG opportunity and it’s an important part of any business’ comprehensive marketing strategy. But, how do you leverage it? We’ve highlighted a few ways to make sure you’re getting your slice of the extremely large mobile pie. But first, some quick stats:

  • Mobile apps & millennialsPeople ages 25-34 spend more time on mobile apps than any other marketing age demographic. – comScore
  • Mobile sites51 percent of consumers are more likely to purchase from a mobile-optimized website. – Borell Associates, 2012
  • Mobile ads Mobile ads perform 4-5 times better than online ads. – iMedia Connection
  • Mobile predictionsBy 2016, 88 percent of local advertising will be delivered on a mobile device. – Borell Associates, 2012
  • Just for fun – 75 percent of Americans admit to bringing their phone to the bathroom. – Convince & Convert

Responsive Web Design

What’s that? Web design? I thought we were talking about mobile? We are! Responsive web design simply means that your web page is compatible with ALL devices, including smartphones and tablets. In fact, Google recommended it for SEO purposes back in 2012 and they are now enforcing it via mobile-friendliness tests, which penalize the rankings of pages without a mobile-friendly UI! Here are a few other ways responsive web design will help your business in 2015:

  • One website, many devices It’s that simple. Mobile device screen sizes are all different and constantly changing (did we hear someone say smart watches?). Build one site and reach your customers on their device of choice!
  • Consistency is key Responsive web design ensures brand consistency and eliminates the need for a separate mobile site that is only made to be compatible with one or two devices.
  • Frustrated customers don’t come backGoogle reported on a survey that found 40 percent of mobile consumers went to a competitor’s site after a bad mobile web experience, and 57 percent wouldn’t recommend a business with a bad mobile site. Ouch!

User-focused Web Design

How easy is it for a customer to use your website? If you don’t know the answer to that question, then it’s probably time to take your website for a test drive, or better yet – ask your customers for feedback! Usability consideration and testing are really important for the creation of web design that’s relevant for all of your users. Given the likelihood of mobile consumers to seek out a competitor after a frustrating online experience, it is especially relevant for your mobile users. Here are some quick tips you can use to help create a website that is user friendly and user focused:

  • Determine the purpose of your site – This may seem like a “no, duh” type of item, but you’d be surprised how many websites don’t make that clear.
  • Put customer wants first – Figure out what your customers want to see most and put it up front on your site. The easier you make it, the more likely they’ll return.
  • Keep it simple – Simplicity makes it easier for customers to find what they need, and according to, it makes your site more appealing to search engines.

Mobile Apps

  • Apps use smartphone featuresApps can incorporate smart phone features like camera and GPS.
  • Apps are fastApps provide functionality and speed that responsive sites can’t.
  • Apps are personalizedApps often have more access to user data and can provide a more personalized user experience.
  • Send push notificationsYou can use a mobile app to send campaign notifications and marketing messages directly to your customers’ mobile devices.
  • Customer loyalty programsApps can provide your customers with easy access to brand loyalty and customer retention programs. If you’d like to learn more about how your organization can boost loyalty with a mobile app, this is a great article that offers an in-depth look.
  • In-app sales are big bucksAccording to Forbes, in-app purchases have reached 76 percent of Apple Store’s revenue. Wowza! 

Your Local Customers Are Mobile Users

According to recent analysis by eMarketer, local mobile searches are projected to exceed desktop searches for the first time in 2015. What’s more – Google conducted a recent survey, which found that 50 percent of mobile users are more likely to visit a store within a day of a local search, and they were more likely to buy at a store if they knew they were close, could get the product quickly, or saw better pricing. Here are a few ways to take advantage of that news:

  • Optimize your website According to research by iAcquire, 70 percent of mobile searches lead to action on a website within one hour of when the search was conducted. This means that new, potential customers are coming to your website after a location-based search on a mobile device, so make sure your site is mobile friendly!
  • Enable mobile commerce According to research by Search Engine Land, more than half of all mobile searches lead to a purchase. In most cases, consumers performing local searches on their mobile devices are ready to buy NOW. Providing them with an easy, efficient way to buy from you will increase both new and existing customer sales.
  • Local ads and mobile couponsYou can optimize your mobile advertising for a specific area or zip code in order to delivery hyper-relevant messaging, and you can deliver geo-notification coupons to nearby customers’ smartphones in order to encourage a purchase.
  • Make it easy for the customer – Make sure your local online profiles and business listings are up to date with accurate and complete information. Also encourage new website visitors to take action by including a quick-call phone number and directions buttons on your responsive site!

I’ve touched on a few of the exciting mobile opportunities in 2015, but there is so much more! Keep an eye out in the coming months for more blogs that dive into topics like how to tap into the power of mobile advertising and using mobile apps to take your customer loyalty to the next level. I’m happy to help answer any questions you have about mobile technology and take topic suggestions for our future blogs. Drop us a note in the comments and if you loved the post, share it with a friend!